1. Cast Away Cursive 3:13
  2. Chance to Break Cursive 3:27
  3. F***** U* Cursive 3:02
  4. Jumpin Trough Windows Cursive 3:16
  5. Midnight Jam Cursive 2:33
  6. Needles Cursive 3:08
  7. Soul Searching Cursive 2:44
  8. Tap Tap Tap Cursive 3:48

Hi! My Name is Christoph Uretschnig. I’m the founder of VitraxxStudio it’s passion ,love and my Lifetime Project where I Spend my Day’s on since I’m Fourteen . When I’m in the Studio the main work is to create Songs, Mix/Master , Making Videos or keep other Stuff  on working.

I enjoy to make Beat’s and Instrumentals nothing matter what kind off. For me it’s all about the Sound Quality and the perfect fit in the Mix. I Love to create new Melodys on the keyboard and work it out because, every tone are Unique and special in Detail.

Over the year’s I produced much of musicians like: “Queeensrap, Moskidzo, Leyo, BHG and much more.

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