Austrian rap phenomenon Moskidzo built quite a reputation for himself with his single releases “Don’t Get It” and “LEI”. One of his mentors and early collaborators Spinz (USA) put his talent to good use, recruiting him for his popular “1992” mixtape when he was only 16. He’s been showcasing his lyrical capabilities in hip-hop, DnB and rock music. He’s melted mics at a number of freestyle all-nighters with Protone (AT), DJ Arkaik (UK), Chris Chronic (Tiefparterre, AT) and Funkin’ Jenkins (AT). He performed alongside british rap-multitalent Klumzy Tung (UK) in 2018. He’s made several guest appearances on shows of Austrian classic rock band Josefine, blending parts of his present work into rap-rock medleys. He’s been spending his last years performing dozens of shows and working with a select few of producers. Moskidzo is currently readying his debut album to solidify his spot in the Central European rap scene and beyond.