1. Murderer Blues Flipsn 3:07

Springs New single Murderer Blues Out Now!

Flipsn Springs “Murderer Blues, Murderer Blues… It’s all around us, but we still be quiet. In this song I would like to address that in this world goes something really wrong. Terrible wrong! “What’s the point of live?” I don’t know! But all I know is, it doesn’t make sense to work your ass off in an underpaid job. Neither make it sense to go for your country in a war, or kill when someone tells you. People are blind and listen to news, to politicians or believe in religion. Like what the fuck.”

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Murderer Blues

Release Date : Dezember 24, 2020
Artist : Flipsn Springs
Genres : Alternative, Dope, Hip-Hop, Modern, Trap, Unique
Catalog ref. : 195917144388
Format : Digital Download